Proposed Courses

The courses below have been proposed as future disc golf courses for the Whitefish and greater Flathead Valley. If you have thought about a layout in an area and want to try and make it official get a hold of us at the Whitefish Disc Federation and we'll make a digital map of the layout so it can be presented to powers that be.

Smith Lake Update

We’re happy to say we’re a step closer at Smith Lake. It sounds like the state will be charging around $1250 a year to lease the land. We felt this was feasible. We’ll also be needing money for liability insurance to finalize the deal. We’ll hopefully be meeting with the state within 2 weeks to look at the final contract by the state. Once we see this we’ll have probably around a month to come up with the cash and confirm. Once that happens we’ll be making a lot more announcements about fundraisers and work days. We’ll need volunteers and part of the contract is to make this course look great. The fat lady isn’t singing yet but she’s warming up. Keep your fingers crossed and hopefully in a month we’ll start putting in the new and permanent course!

Map of proposed course: