Innova Disc Fundraiser

Help us raise money for disc golf in Whitefish!!! We are a non-profit (not federal but in principle) and all proceeds will go to disc golf course development in Whitefish area as well as the greater Flathead Valley. Working with Innova we have limited amount of CFR Champion Glow Roc 3s and Destroyers. These discs feel great and come in pink or blue. Unlike traditional glow discs only in white or transparent that are hard to find in the daytime these glow discs are great for day or night play. We also have GStar Kraits in Whitefish yellow and green. A very straight flying driver if you haven’t tried one.

If you live in Whitefish or the general area and want to buy without shipping contact me at or visit our Facebook page and you can pay in person with a check or cash and save on shipping.

Discs for sale are listed below. PLEASE NOTE: We have limited amounts of each size and color and will substitute if your weight is not available. If you’d like to buy more than 3 discs please contact us at Also the pink discs vary from lighter to darker in color.

Innova Champion Colored Glow Destroyer

Color / Weight

Innova Champion Colored Glow Roc 3

Color / Weight

Innova GStar Krait – Yellow w/ Green Print


Innova Weighted Mini Driver – $3

Preferred Colors

Innova Champion Metal Flake Mini Driver – $4

Preferred Colors