A lot of people think disc golf should just be free.  I’d love that too but it is not reality.  We have a great opportunity to work with the State of Montana and bring a great activity to our community.  Here are the financial challenges we face and why we need your support:

  • Annual Fee to the DNRC to lease State Trust Land:  $1500
  • Annual Insurance Cost for liability of disc golfers:  $500
  • One time bond fee to use the land:   $2500
  • Targets, concrete, and posts to mount the targets in place:  $400 per hole + practice basket, $11,200
  • T-Pads:  $100 per hole, $2700
  • Signage for course:  Estimated $500
  • Kiosk:  $1000

Entering our first year we are seeking two types of donations:

  • Adopt a Hole – Our Adopt a Hole program is a way to sponsor the equipment we need to build a hole.  Individuals and businesses that Adopt a Hole will have a medallion at the t-box of each hole sponsored with your name or your business name on it.  Your information will also be listed at our course kiosk as an original contributor and participant of the Adopt a Hole program.  For $525 you’ll be helping us buy one DGA Mach III basket ($375 + shipping), a thick high traction rubber t-pad, materials for a custom t-sign, a sleeve for the basket (to hold it in the round), treated lumber for tee-box frames, and any additional signage the hole may require.   With a up to100 people a day playing at the course get your business will get noticed and gain disc golfer loyalty. You’ll also be doing something great for our community. Adopt a Hole
  • Make a donation of any amount through PayPal.   If a 100 players just pitched in $20 a year we’d reach our annual base expense to keep the course open!  Help us today with a donation for our annual fee, our insurance, and our initial bond.  Every dollar helps so please donate!!! Donate Any Amount